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Our Sunday services are celebrations: The great diversity of our congregation is evidence to us of a great God who saves people from any background imaginable. No wonder our worship is lively and loud! Part of our worship experience is our time of food and fellowship immediately after the service.

There are four different children’s groups that run parallel to the worship service. 0-3 years – Bubbles, 4-6 years – Bouncies, 7-12 years – 7ups and 13+ - Teens groups. We do not divide the children by class but by age.

Throughout the week we meet in Small Groups all over the wider Hamburg area for deeper Bible Study and community.

We also have many other ministries which take place in our church on Sundays and also during the week. We would encourage everyone to try to become involved in one or more of these so as to connect with others and to serve the Lord. The ministries include: Food for the homeless, prayer, worship, Young Adults (YAG), our Persian bible study, Welcome for Sunday, Outreach, the different children’s groups on Sundays, prayer, website, media, CCTV – filming on Sunday, translation (our service is translated into German and Farsi). and men’s and women’s groups.